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How do I know if I'm in love? Who could I ever learn to trust? I asked myself these questions for so long What do I only wish to see? What do I truly know to be? I told myself to hold on tight You never know enough But now I see what I believe 'Cause I'm believin' love Chorus: Whether my mind's sayin' it's crazy Whether my world's sayin' I'm wrong Wherever my heart goes, that's where I belong I finally found out what faith is I follow the way that it feels And heaven has never been more real When you looked into me And you laid your hands on me At once the deaf could hear The blind could see Now that I Know Love I was a child alone, asleep You came along and cradled me You took me in your arms And rocked me so sweetly I'd prayed for love To come to pass How do we know if love will last? And if it can't then someone tell me What we're livin' for I don't know what tomorrow holds But I know what I know Chorus Glory be, I believe Oh I finally see that love isn't blind 'Cause I've never seen more clearly in my life Now that I Know Love

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