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Versuri Nothing

Eating away at my body and soul So tired of all that you抳e taken I抳e always known that I抎 be on my own Not knowing how hard I抎 fallen In your arms (Destroying all I ever wanted) Now it抯 gone (Losing all I ever needed) Been so long (Destroying all I ever wanted) It抯 all gone (You抳e taken all I ever needed) Believed in all I抎 ever known Left me to die here on my own You took it all and left me You took it all and left me (nothing) If I survive long enough to come back Won抰 you forgive me for falling?

Cuvintele descarca melodia Crowbar piesa versuri Nothing. Cantece ultima melodie descarca versuri muzica cuvintele muzica straina cuvintele.

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