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Versuri Nothing For Second

Can't accept rewards that I've received This fear of losing leaves it's scars on me I'm sorry I didn't fit in I'm sorry that I've got a complex I'm sorry but my life is a joke I'm sorry I seem to have failed you I'm sorry that my life is a mess I'm sorry but I don't have the answers I'm sorry but I did my best I'm sorry I can't take the shame I'm sorry but no-one can help me Strive for success, success, success.... The path I tread is one I have to follow There's nothing for second, there's nothing for second Still make the same mistakes [x4] Despondent, this empty shell takes it's last breath I feel the pain but I still enjoy it One day is in confidence The next is in fear I think I'll just stay at home Because the next I might not see the end of What I thought that I loved I find I despise It's killing me slowly, infront of my eyes Try to win the race, the race, the race.... [repeat chorus] The future is not all it's cracked to be I just apologise for fucking things up again [repeat] Start, fight, defeat, again (oh no not again, not again) Competitive to the last, still walk away with nothing, nothing.... Still make the same mistakes [x4] I wasn't good enough [repeat] And I apologize for fuck all

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