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Versuri Not Alive

What's wrong with me, I hear her say Forget everything, and what it means to me I'm not alive, that's what she means I hate to disappoint her, I only need some room to breathe What's wrong with me, what's wrong with you Must we compete, who speaks the truth You can have it all, if it serves you well As long as I leave with myself Chorus: I'm wide awake, I was dead before today If you make it till tomorrow, see it works both ways I will not try to apologize, for what I know is right Another chance wrapped up again Makes it difficult for you to comprehend Just give it time, time's all we've had I loved you as a child, now I must leave as a man (Chorus) It's so easy to be near me When all I've said gets lost between

Melodia cuvinte ultima melodie Not Alive. 8 stops 7 muzica straina melodia cantece cuvinte asculta versuri cantece versuri piesa melodiei.

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