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Versuri No Me Queda Mas (English Translation)

----------------------------------------- Please remember! This translation is my personal work. It is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from Spanish to English, so it may sound awkward in one languange when it is perfectly natural in the other. But I think you can get the general idea! ----------------------------------------- I have no choice now but lose myself in an abyss of sadness and tears I have no choice now but to bear my loss and wish you happiness I have no choice now if today your return would be impossible And this that wasnæ° love, this that you deny today What you say never happened is the sweetest memory in my life I had hoped from the bottom of my soul that one day you would stay with me And I even maintained the illusion that fed my heart, my heart that today has to see you only as a friend And even though I lived in love and I was totally wrong I donæ° care, because this really was love for me, the lovliest, the greatest love and even though you will forever turn your back on it, it was the most beautiful

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