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Used to trust in you Used to see the world in you Nothing's what you gave to me Nothing in return What's your purpose? I wonder What's inside you? No one can see You'll do anything to get More money and fame Now it's clear to me The illusion fades away I don't need no fucked up heroes like you No heroes Puff your chest in pride Bow your head and cry in shame Teeter on the high wire Stumble in the race All you promised is empty All your credit you don't deserve Can't see what's false or true Your head's up your ass Now it's clear to me You are just a wanna-be Used up heroes don't do much for me No heroes No heroes No more made up stars No heroes I won't be a fucked up hero like you

Melodia melodiei asculta versuri descarca album asculta. melodiei cuvinte melodia Hi Standard mp3 No Heroes versuri cuvintele muzica straina.

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