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Remember when we met like a year ago? When I was milkin' out trix like cereal Fuck a Chon Don Nectar Imperial Treat me right I'll show you wifey material Never would of thought we'd get down like this Said you never been this happy til you found this bitch At the Ritz countin' stacks like pounds was flipped In the morning go shoppin let me bounce the 6 Get a kiss on the lips when I'm around your clique Get the feeling one day you'll be crownin this You inspire me to lace all the nouns I spit Compared to you them other cats don't amount to shit Always kept it wet like Bangladesh Turned me out like mesh when you spank the flesh Got me rotten tricken 50% and bank the rest Your name chipped out on my tennis anklet Chorus: You treat me right You make me smile I know you care No one could compare You show me love You got my back You always here No one could compare Ain't no nigga like the one I got my nigga And that's from the heart my nigga Cuz you brought me from the slums to the top my nigga Show these bitches what you got done to my watch my nigga Ain't a millionaire who could take your place Got me screamin out your name when we shake and bake Who dat on the other line nigga? make em wait Everybody told me don't fuck wit you But despite all the rumors I'm in love with you Nothing's ever too little or too much for you If you ever leave I wouldn't know what to do Shit you for me open like the bank accounts Started screenin calls, stopped hangin out Everything about you got me blankin out You keep satisfied plus franklyned out Repeat chorus You think you was the first to ever make me nut Be callin you daddy like you raised me up Maybe one day we'll have a lil baby us Growin up listenin to jay-z and stuff Cuz what we are- is a perfect combo We done come too far- to let this go It ain't gotta be a star- to be in my show When my man needs me I run to it When my man calls me I jump to it Give up everything if it come to it Got a ring on my left hand with lumps through it You my best friend, confidon, other hand Up in the bubble bath, makin each other laugh I doubt,- if I could ever give anotha the ass Ya'll mad- cuz this ain't what most lovers have Repeat chorus

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