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Born to the false world the wanderer Storyteller the pied piper On a quest for immortality Gathering a troop to find the fantasy Lead by a maid queen of the night Voice of angel such a divine sight An amazon to fight and cure This reality with her feline lure Patriotic to the promised land Of never-waking dream Nightquest a quest not for the past But for tomorrow to make it last Simply the best way to walk this life Hand in hand with a dreamer's mind Enter the realm don't stay awake The dreams remain they only break Forget the task enjoy the ride And follow us into the night A merry minstrel with his fingers fast Playing his lute charming every lass Joins the troop with a glitter in his eye Shall I find fame - or shall I die? Warrior with power along the path A hammerheart his gallantry to last Rhythm of sirens enemies take heed For in this war laws are in silent sleep Patriotic to the promised land Of never-waking dream Nightquest a quest not for the past... Come to the Elfland the eldest said In my guidance you shall not be afraid I am the mastermind the wizard to show the way... Nightquest a quest not for the past... First ones to walk this path of night Lady in black lady in white Followed by legions of night-time wanderers Guardians of the halls of heart When we from my homeland depart To challenge the gods of emptiness May the quest begin! versuri cantece cuvinte melodia Rock muzica ultima melodie Nightwish asculta. Muzica straina Nightquest versuri cantece piesa mp3

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