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Versuri Night Of The Unholy Flames

This Is Our Night Act Of Ultimate Blasphemy Hatred, Violence And Retribution Misanthropic Strike Against holy Symbols Of Life Glare Of church Burning In Dark Night For Victims No Way Out christian elders And parishioners Scream Of Fear And Agony Synagogas And Temples Church's Buildings All Set In Fire During the Night Nothing Is To Be Saved Stench Of Burning Human Flesh Prayers For The Deaf Ears Infernal Flames Destroying The Holy And Torturing Humans To Death Night Of The Unholy Fires Nightmare Of The Believers Turned Into Ugly Reality Ultimate Act Of Blasphemy Ultimate Blasphemy To Celebrate Victory Victory Of Mans Strenght Victory of Mans Will Agains Pathetic Dead christ

Versurile Night Of The Unholy Flames piesa versuri cantece melodiei Clandestine Blaze. Album muzica straina muzica cantece cuvinte versuri melodia mp3 melodia.

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