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Well I'm dreaming 'bout a Cadillac And a girl that I used to have But I know that I could never go back To the day we took a photograph That I'm holdin' in my hand I can't believe I messed it up so bad If I get another chance I'd never waste it yeah I swear I'll be a better man [CHORUS:] And I'll tell you right now We'll make it up next time around Yeah! I'll pick you up and never put you down Next time around Yeah! I'll lift you up and never let you down Now I'm thinkin' bout the good times All the friends that I used to know And they always said they'd have my back But now I'm flyin' solo All alone again I stand I can't believe I messed it so bad If I had another chance I'd never waste it yeah I'll try and be a better man [CHORUS] [guitar solo] [CHORUS X 2] Next time around...

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