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Versuri Never wanna let you go

Lying here beside you, in a cloud of warmth I've been awake all night but move Though I know I should Counting curls n your hair, as you sleep so tight I wonder if you'll ever know 'till I go The chances are you'll be there too some day We'll never know, let's hope CHORUS: Never wanna let you go Never wanna let you go All I can do is hope 'Cause I never wanna let me go Dreaming soft in silence, been working hard all day Still in the night grows darker, I'm with you in every way CHORUS I don't know whether I'm trying to love, love you baby Been round long enough to know

Pop Take That piesa cantece. Versuri versuri cantece descarca cuvinte melodia cantece asculta piesa muzica straina Never wanna let you go cuvintele.

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