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Versuri Never giving up

Tell me about your day What you been thinking Cos I been waiting outside your place Waiting a long time And I been callin Baby I just had to see your face Please don't tell me I'm in your way I want your love more and more each day Never giving up now All of my heart is in it You can't walk away Never giving up now Taking it to the limit Do you feel the same As I Do Walking you to your door Feel my heart sinking Give me a chance boy don't turn me down I can be anything All that you wanted I'll be your king and you can wear my crown You get stronger everytime Don't you know You've been on my mind [repeat X3]

Versuri cantece descarca album cuvinte. Versuri B*witched descarca Never giving up mp3 album cuvinte mp3 muzica muzica muzica straina cantece.

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