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[Verse 1] It ain't so much about the words I say but how I say 'em And I'm gon play this game the best and make sure that I slay 'em Even my enemies impressed 'bout how I make my moves They tried to step it up but can't 'cause they just fake and lose My niggas double R but I don't hide behind my dogs Nigga, I'm holdin' mine Bet against her, take a loss And I ain't slackin' up I gotta win at any cause Intimidate you bitch niggas I got bigger balls Ayyo I bet you can't stop her She got a lotta shit wit her Damn you's a fan don't try to block her Man got you wantin' it Fame how you hunger it The talk curious 'bout the stalkin' uh huh oh who's she

Cuvintele asculta album cuvinte muzica straina album. Piesa versuri Eve descarca ultima melodie album melodiei Neck bones melodia descarca versuri.

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