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Versuri Nancy

Writer(s): Silvers/van Heusen If I don't see her each day, I miss her Gee what a thrill, each time I kiss her Believe me, I've got a case On Nancy, with the laughing face She takes the winter and makes it summer And summer could take some lessons from her Picture a tomboy in lace That's Nancy with the laughing face Have you ever heard mission bells ringing Well she'll give you the very same glow When she speaks you would think it was singing Just hear her say hello I swear to goodness, you can't resist her She's mighty sweet, and wait till you see her sister No angel could replace Nancy, with the laughing face

Descarca muzica straina Pop Nancy melodiei album cuvintele. Melodiei cuvintele versuri melodia ultima melodie cuvintele muzica asculta muzica Frank Sinatra versuri.

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