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R. Hell/The Heads Come to me, babe, but come facing away Look back, you'll see me, it's a grownup at play. You might be pretty, but I've seen it before If that's all you've got, I don't need no more Never mind never mind never mind never mind You got me hooked, I admit it, it's true But the hooks are liquid, I can slip 'em, they're goo. And when you've lived long as me you'll know, too Have all the meaning of a day at the zoo. Then again, the zoo's a nice place to go. After all, we both were born there, you know Come on, honey, it's a nice, nice day trip You can give that little boyfriend the slip. Never mind never mind never mind never mind I like the way you blush at a touch I like it better if you don't blush too much I like to listen and I like to look But if you can't accommodate, I'm fine with a book The days are short, now, but comedy is long It doesn't matter much and nothing is wrong Don't get me wrong, I like you and your dress But we're both better off without all that stress. Never mind never mind never mind never mind Never mind never mind never mind never mind melodiei NEVER MIND album mp3 mp3 mp3 versuri melodia. mp3 The Heads muzica muzica straina cantece cuvintele versurile versuri.

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