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[Eminem - Intro] I don't know dude. I think everybody is all jealous and shit cause I'm like the lead singer of the band dude. And I think, everybody's got a fuckin' problem with me dude, and they need to take it up with me after the show. [Eminem - Chorus] Because. . . These chicks don't even know the name of my band, But they're all on me like they want to hold hands, 'Cause once I blow they'll know that I'll be the man, all because I'm the lead singer of my band. [Eminem] So I get offstage right? I drop the mic, Walk up to these hot chicks then I'm all like, "Sup, ladies, my name's Slim Shady, I'm the lead singer in D12 baby." They're all like "Oh my god it's him, Becky oh my fucking god it's Eminem." "I swear to fucking God dude, you fucking rock, Please won't you please let me suck your cock" Now right now, the rest of the fellas get jealous, Specially when I drop the beat and do my acapellas, All the chicks start yelling, all the hot babes throw their bras and their shirts and their panties onstage, So like every single night them people fight with me, But when we fight it's kind a like sibbling rivalry, Cause their back on stage the next night with me,. Dude, I just think you're trying to steal the light from me. Yesterday Kuniva tried to pull a knife on me, Cause I told him Jessica Alba's my wife-to-be. This rock star shit's the life for me, and all the other guys just despise me because. . . [Chorus] [Eminem - Bridge] My band! (8x) My Bbbbbbbaaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd!!!!!!!!! Baby yeah! [Swifty] You just want to see a nigga backwards don't you? Ain't that? How come we don't rap off pro school? Smash these vocals and do a performance, but we in a van, and he on a tour bus. You don't want my autograph, you'se a liar, and naw, I'm Swift, "Oh, I thought you were Kuniva." And what the hell is wrong with our dressing room? Cause our shit is looking smaller than a decimal. See, I know how to rap, it's simple but, all I did was read a Russell Simmons book. So I'm more intact, trying to get on the map, doing jumping jacks while getting whipped on my back [Kuniva & Kon Artis] Look at Em little punk ass, thinking he the shit Yeah I know man, by himself takin' all the flicks. Hey, I thought we had and interview with DJ Clue (Eminem) No I had an interview, not you two. You gon' be late for soundcheck Man, I ain't going to soundcheck Man, our mics is screwed up, And his always sound best You know what man? I'm a say something Ay'yo Em! (Eminem)You got something to say!!! Man, nothing. I though you was about tell him off man, wassup? Man, I'm a tell him what I feel like it man, shut up You ain't even back me up, and we supposed to be crew Man I was about to talk right after you, I swear Man whatever! I swear man [Chorus] [Proof] They say the lead singer's rock, but the group is not With some sold out arena's to amusement parks. I'm gon' let the world know that Proof is hot I should cut his mic off when the music starts. (Hey, yo it's. . .) Ready to snap on the dumbass fan, Everytime I hear "Hey dude! I love your band!" We ain't a band bitch, we don't play instruments. So why he get 90 and we only get 10 percent? And these guys acting funny every area code. "Proof carry my bag!" Bitch carry your own. Can't make it to the stage, security in my way. "Who the fuck are you, where's Obie and Dre?" [Bizzare] God damn it, I'm sick of this group, Time for me to go solo and make some loot. I told you I made the beats, and wrote all the raps, Till Kon Artis, slipped me some crack. "Lose Yourself" video? I was in the back. "Superman" video? I was in the back. For the media, I got some suggestions, Fuck Marshall, ask us some questions. Like "Who's D12?", "How we get started?" But what about Eminem? Bitch are you retarded? Anyway, I'm the poverished guy in the group. Big ass stomach, bitches think I'm cute. 50 told me to do sit-ups to get buff, Did 2 and a half, then couldn't get up. Fuck D12, I'm out of this band, I'm gonna start a group with the Real Roxanne. (Music Changes): [Eminem] Girl why can't you see your the only one for me and it just tears my ass apart to know that you don't know my baaannnnd! [Bizzare] (Man, fuck this) [Eminem + Bizzare - Chorus + Bridge] [Eminem] I'm the leader of my band. I get all the girls to take off their underpants. I'm the lead singer of my band. My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance. My salsa. Look out for my next single, it's called my salsa. My salsa, seltzer, salsa, salsa. My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and take off their underpants. My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and take off their underpants. My salsa. Where'd everybody go?

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