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Okay. This joint is knockin' right here I don't even need to write to this joint this easy I'mma just talk to 'em off the top, listen My interpretation of what the game facin' I'm basin' my facts on ancient civilization And my proclamation plus the world and its foundation My education is statin' black unification Debatin' whether Satin is situatin' And placin' me in a state of mind that can't be shaken It's like a leech slurrin' my specch, energy taken It's brakin' my fiberglass thoughts that pass through my mental Lettin' off frustration through meditation in conventional Dimension in teleportation And like the length between words in the first grade my mind is spacin' Out on route like telephone communications through nations Give me 360 degree rotations my occupation Spittin' flows and creatin' a creation through experimental situations They drug me 'cuz my thoughts bloody like menstruations Makin' my temperature heat up like incubation They tracin' and chasin' from location to location I'm stationed at a hotel accomidation Waitin' to start me and my squad organization But I'm hesitatin', too many outside irritations Makin' me pause and might cause altercations But I'm penetratin', surpassin' so-called limitations Dedication, motivation and concentration Manifestation is the key to escalation And fluctuation of cheese might cause MC's suffocation Or tax on cats 'cuz no jacks is bein' fakin' They typically pissin' me off like urination Deflation and toleration is in consideration But me in my rankin' is like Bob Marley to Jamaicans I might be...slightly exaggeratin' but eliminatin' These snakes wit affiliation got the system scared Like mice durin' extermination Erasin' the rhymes rapper's lines wit time and patience Takin' no shorts, thoughts like woo blunts I'm lacin' Comin' down like condensation givin' proper information My interpretation of the rap business Since my christenin' I wanted to be a rap technician Splittin' mics in half for my fans when I'm spittin' Never forgettin' how rap started from the beginnin' But most of these ignorant rappers talkin' 'bout money they gettin' Bars they spittin', cars they whippin', nice clothes they dipped in Hoes they hittin', 9's they grippin' But they gotta expand they mind and rhyme somethin' different For instance, that's what I be kickin' in my writtens But if you listen pay attention positivity's mentioned My composition has a 50 slash 50 division I can please both crowds no vocals is my intentions When I do that wit rap I expand my comprehension Extendin' my knowledge like goin' to college at Princeton The industry's missin' and interpretation that's sickenin' They was wishin' I presented so now I'm forever in it The business...

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