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you'll be accepting my apology for taking things too seriously sometimes i'm old enough to to keep routines, sometimes i'm child enough to scream for everything i broke in two you're barely missing me, i'm missing you and everything you do i really do my once photographic memory for recollection's sake is failing me i can't remember for the life of me sometimes i can think to recite words that i read and rewrite my pens paint people that i've proven wrong, but we move on get a job where i can tell all of my accounts of someone else i'm quick enough to judge that they were wrong and that we knew it all along sing a long long-winded song i would be content to hum along if i state that my fingers know where to show what everyone should have known, i'll let it go hopefully you'll forget that words that i put in print my luck, you'll change and have strength enough to walk away ultima melodie Get Up Kids versurile cantece ultima melodie. Versuri versuri muzica straina cuvintele cuvintele My apology descarca cuvinte.

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