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What I want Mornings to the winter and afternoons to the summer What I want Is for you to be waiting round the other side of every door What I want To walk through the wardrobe of other bodies we have known What I want Is fifteen minutes of you What I want A lover who loves me when others have loved me not What I want Is a big love, two spoons in a drawer, the master plan What I want A lover who can love me slowly What I want To make your heartbeat faster What I want Is a room with a three-bar fire, like the one you had before, When you were poor and i just liked you more What I want To be in the park in the morning, the Long shadows on the grass and the swans still asleep What I want Is to love you everywhere and everyhow What I want To kiss you until our lips are numb What I want Kiss you 'til everywhere hurts What I want Is to hear the rain against the window again

Versuri melodiei My Sex ultima melodie muzica straina melodia versurile muzica melodiei. Elastica cuvinte descarca cantece versurile melodiei versuri melodia.

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