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Words & Music by Carla Sullivan All my life you have been with me How could I pretend not to see I was walking on the line I was wasting precious time All I know is that you love me If I call you will set me free It's a promise that you made It's the truth that will not change Please help me to remember (Chorus) My God has never let me down My God has turned my world around He loves me even though I know I don't deserve him My God has never turned away He's with me every single day He's broken all the chains and set this captive free Seems to you all your hope is gone Never found a love that strong It's a chance you have to take A choice you've got to make I hope that you' remember (Repeat Chorus) (2nd Chorus) Will never let you down My God can turn your world around He loves us even though I know we don't deserve him My God will never turn away He's with you every single day He's broken all the chains and set this captive free (Repeat 2nd Chorus) (Repeat 1st Chorus) (Repeat 2nd Chorus) Set this captive free... My God versuri cantece cuvinte cuvinte versuri. Melodiei versurile Point Of Grace muzica straina cantece

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