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You are so captivating You are the one I'm craving Girl I got a sweet tooth From being sweet on you All day I'm going crazy Thinking about you baby Got an appetite Only you can satisfy [01] Can't wait till tonight To turn down the lights ‘Cause you got me on fire You're all that I desire I can't resist Your strawberry lips You got me feeling naughty You got me craving for your body [Chorus] You're my favorite flavor Can't wait to taste you later Girl you taste so sweet Sweet enough to eat You're my favorite flavor Can't wait to taste you later My sugar coated treat Baby you're so tasty to me Baby you got me open For you love and I'm hoping We can get it on right On and on all right Yeah you know how to please me ‘Cause you're so smooth and creamy Girl you fill my cup I can't get enough [Repeat 01 [Repeat Chorus] Can't wait no longer for your kisses Can't wait to turn you on Ain't had my daily does of sugar Nothing else will do All I want is you [Chorus]

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