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He pauses shaving and he tells himself that he is the bomb She has her curlers set, her credit cards are paying the funds Heââ¬â¢s not that old, Iââ¬â¢ve been told A strong sexual goal they go out every day She goes every way...oh yeah! And they donââ¬â¢t even care at all Sheââ¬â¢s open waiting for more And I know heââ¬â¢s only looking to score And itââ¬â¢s way too unhealthy Often theyââ¬â¢ve typically Been starved for attention before She smokes a dozen and he doesnââ¬â¢t seem to notice the smell He took the seat off his own bike because the way that it felt He wants to bone, this I know She is ready to blow They go out every night His pants are super tight...oh yeah! They donââ¬â¢t even care at all

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