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Hill up the road, gathering thoughts never adding the way I want them Sweet Jesus show me through the Indian paintbrush Faith was Cursed upon me, a mustard seed was good enough for him and good enough to me Or after all, will I shake my magic 8 ball, it's bubbling And the brisk walking heartbeat won't tire me, it keeps me strong Faith was Cursed upon me, a mustard seed was good enough for him and its good enough to me Pillar of salt, shaker of black Killer of thought, turning my back Believe you were wrong and said they would laugh and I'm trying to be humble about it I like the rain, I like going against the grain Seems to me I'm cutting out a simple pattern ---she was weak--- Hill up the road, watching my thoughts chase each other Sweet Jesus show me the faith cursed upon me --she walked away--

Versuri melodia versurile melodia Kidneythieves cantece piesa versuri melodia. descarca asculta asculta muzica straina cuvinte ultima melodie Mustard Seed.

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