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Versuri Mood song

I'm so dead and angry I'm justified to feel this way I'm broken in pieces The only game I would not play And you might be angry And you might have the last laugh said And you might be waiting That's your choice so take it all the way I don't want you anymore Your way I don't want you anymore I'm broken in pieces And you might never know the way The kitchen is easy And I won't be the first to say And I might be over And I might be the last to waken Weakened and broken But I don't care if you sight Moment's easier Moment's easier Moment's easier to find And you might be angry And you might be the last to take me You might be over But don't tell me that I can't be defined

Ultima melodie melodia piesa muzica straina cuvintele melodia cuvintele versuri cantece melodiei. Piesa versuri Mood song David Usher.

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