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Montreal Lyrics I think I love to watch you laughing In fact I love to watch you do anything And yes I do feel this thing happening But youââ¬â¢ll have to excuse me girl 'Cause my taxiââ¬â¢s waiting Although I do Yes I do I love you in my own twisted ways One day God walked on old Mount Royal Just to dream up the human form Threw stones and cans and comic books in a kettle And you came out like a shining goddess heavy metal Say itââ¬â¢s just too bad some hearts donââ¬â¢t settle And the pipes are leaking and you feel like leaving Yeah, we heard this one before I said, ââ¬ÅDear God, buddy, now donââ¬â¢t you meddleââ¬Â 'Cause Iââ¬â¢ve got my own little twisted ways of showing you that I do Yes I do I love you in my own twisted ways And sing it Like we used to sing See Kermit the Frog was one day daydreaming Thinking about himself at a red light With that it-ainââ¬â¢t-easy-being-greenin' And the cars behind him kept honking and honking And Kermitââ¬â¢s last words as he flipped the bird Was, ââ¬ÅDamn you Muppets just keep on taking!ââ¬Â See Iââ¬â¢ve got my own things now so stop tooting I do my lily pad jumping Miss Piggy bumping Lotta Miss Piggys and thatââ¬â¢s all good And Iââ¬â¢m gonna turn this red light Into a block party So we can get down in basics of what? Rainbow connecting Yes I do I love you in my own twisted ways

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