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(Overend Watts) Everyone agrees, a little money helps to please, But I just took so much of it, I'm shakin' at the knees And we've gotta leave this town. We've had a heavy day, but the law want us to stay, We told them Thanks a lot, but we've just got to get away And we've gotta leave right now! There's a place I gotta be, and time won't wait for me But I gotta make it alone I can see the river wind, and hear the guns behind We gotta move, we gotta run, away from what we've done. Only yesterday I was lazing in the sun, Makin' out with bar-room queens and boozing like a bum Now we've gotta leave this town It don't seem really fair, but then thinkin' of my share, I guess it can't be bad, 'cos I must be a millionaire, So we've gotta leave right now. There's a place I gotta go where nobody'll know And I've gotta make it alone I can see the hills ahead, and the skyline turning red .... Now I'm crawling down the street with an independent air, Feeling good from being loose, so we ain't got a care And feeling like settling down But someone starts to stare, and he jumps up from his chair, Before he gets to make a sound, I'm sitting on my mare And we've gotta leave right now I don't know where to go, and I'm feeling pretty low But I've gotta make it alone And as I turn around, I can see a dusty cloud .... We gotta move, we gotta run, Away from what we've done We gotta move, we gotta run, All the way to Monte Carlo.

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