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It took me down ( by surprise ) i'm on hte groung ( paralyzed ) Tryin' not the breathe 'cause I know I'll be found Dray the Lord ( my soul to keep ) 'Till I'm sore ( like a hammer ) It's pounding me until I'm driven in I would be damned if I Ever fell but could I tell I would be damned if I do I'm damned if I do This time I'll go for the kill Monster, monster I can't take this hell no more Beast be gone Something's gotta give Monster, monster Gonna throw you out of the door I will die and the other shall live You taught me ( everything that I ) Shouldn't say ( everything that I ) Shouldn't do and now I'm defyin' you

Monster, Monster cuvinte versurile versuri melodia versurile Lordi album asculta. Muzica straina versuri piesa asculta muzica ultima melodie Rock piesa piesa.

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