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And it's a Talent most people should lern How to Make you laugh without saying a word People have to yell nowadays to get heard But Charlie was a man and that man could turn Serious,into delirious,he had A myriad of waya to paint a smile,and Every woman in the house went,OH If they wanted to act,they better act on cue so Refren: He hicked the game go figure Had no time for gold diggers The Mack daddy of the 1930's,I'm Kicking back on the couch watching modern times. One more time Rise 'em up Hold that thought i got a vision,it's intense I want a globe i can bounce off of people's heads And when the earth starts shaking, People will commence In a laughter,without one word beeing said Dose anybody here want to hera my voice Or is silence the golden choice Refren: Ladies and gentleman Can you hold the applause,show is about to begin

Modern times melodia descarca J five ultima melodie cuvinte versuri. Versurile descarca versuri descarca muzica versurile album muzica straina cuvinte.

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