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Versuri Mistake no.2

It's a cruel world so conventional sometimes love just wins you over I've come to life it's true it's not intentional everytime when we move closer I'll take the fall a twist see right through me it may be wrong but all long it keeps on turning turning I could walk away now end it perfectly and just say your words are not affecting me somewhere deep inside I know it may be wrong but I'm ready to commit mistake no.2 mistake no.2 Must have heard it once a million times from every one the perfect line but you're the one to recognize there are things i need in my life so I'll take the fall a twist i know it keeps on turning turning Here it comes again it never ends I keep on falling further I'm not sure that i can walk away now

Mistake no.2 ultima melodie album cuvintele ATC cuvintele asculta versuri versuri. Cantece piesa muzica straina cuvintele melodiei mp3.

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