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Selena talk part: Sometimes at night when I go to sleep I Hold my pillow tight thinking of You till it hurts. But in my mind I Know you're mine and somewhere you're Thinking of me too. Full Force: I miss you, thinking of you. You're always on my mind. Selena 1st verse: You're always on my mind,(day and night)day and night When i think of you boy, everything feels so right Well, i often think of the happy times we spent Together and I just can't wait to tell you that I love you Selena 2nd verse: Time keeps passing by (You're not here) you're not here I feel so all alone When I don't have you near. But I often think of the happy times we spent together, and i just can't wait to tell you that I love you. Selena and Full Force Chorus: I'm Missing my baby, Missing my baby I wanna hold you time and never let you out of my sight. Missing my baby, missing my baby I gotta feel your heart beat (your heart beat) Next to mine Gotta feel it (feel it) Repeat 2nd verse Repeat Chorus Full Force: Thinking of you is all I do its the next best thing to being with you and baby, hey Selena and Full Force: Gotta have you (have you) gotta hold you (hold you) Got to have your lovin' (I gotta have you) Selena: And tell you that I love you And I really miss you (I miss You) Repeat chorus I miss you, thinking of you You're always on my mind

Album ultima melodie cuvinte ultima melodie. Versuri album versuri melodiei Selena Missing My Baby piesa melodia muzica romaneasca melodia melodiei Dance.

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