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Well, everybody talks about the California quakes But the first time I ever felt the earth shake Was in Miami When Amy touched me Aw, it shook me I told her I loved her and I wanted to stay But she said, Be Sure, and I'll call you in L.A. Even in the taxi I could hear my telephone ring Calling me from Miami My Amy What took you so long I thought you'd never call Miami, My Amy Miami, My Amy loved me after all Now Amy just called and said, Please come back I said, I'm on my way, Babe, I ain't even unpacked I want you, I love you, that's all she had to say Good-bye L.A. Now once again I'm Miami bound Can't wait til this plane touches down Becuase I know my Amy will be waiting At that Miami gate I can't wait Miami, My Amy What took you so long I thought you'd never call Miami, My Amy Love me after all Miami, My Amy loves me after all

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