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Yo the Chillin Feelin U get When u hear my song and ur brain freezes And your headphones melt Me My Real name is Julien And my primary concern is not to make war on dis earth And since my birth I was improving my words So my story starts in a fast growing city In the east side of Europe You got it right Bucharest is the word And Romania provokes me to tell its story in one word As I grew up, a troublesome Kid at the age of 9 with plans and scheduled destructions Of worlds you haven’t even heard of This is an endless soul deep inside an ocean What more can I say, The destructive mind of a twelve year old Can be an abysmal filled with ancient knowledge That eaven now I haven’t been able to unfold I never had enough power to be a god To build a globe Or to destroy a world I went outside and to my attention was brought That the whole world is Fucked up So I went back to sleep hoping It will fall on its back and never speak again like a canary that was eaten by a dog I was wonderin now why I wanted to destroy the world But I never knew so for 5 years now I kicked back and fucked it. If there was one thing in the world I would Change, would be the parliament the military and the press. Everyone lies everyone mistakes and still lies So we are all a bunch of liars sometimes, In 1989 the Romanian soldiers that died, Our brothers that cried Our people that suffered And what for? A parliament that doesn’t bother to close the door On corruption in our nation The days when every one is equal has ended, And I doubt they will ever come again And the destruction will soon come again They say for peace you have to fight and then where is the peace? We are all just burning in the melting pot. Waiting for the big bang to one day to descend And destroy the universe And we can all then Rest in peace

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