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Versuri Maybe Next Time

Some rappers pick up the mic and like to dabble But I'm gonna flow with the show and never babble Take your hand, make your stand To my left, Jeff, your a pest and you fessed and I think you'd better find a new profession You think that you wanna be a rapper? Well I think you're guessing No time for fessing or faking, messing or making Mistakes, cause it takes heavyweights to stakes Or high, so why would you ever want to front? And try such a stunt, now the Ace is gonna hunt Ya down, you clown, cause the sound that you're hearing is dope You can't cope slowpoke, so pick up the soap And catch a bad one, you wanted a chance and you had one You lost it course you sad one You can't get with the style you hit with In this rhyme, so maybe next time Uptown, downtown, crosstown, no matter where you're from Get on the floor and get dumb Cause the Master, capital A-C-E is about to kick it wicked Here's the title, in your face I'm gonna stick it But yo don't resh leash the speech that you use Needs a little more spice, ice, you're nice The style that I heard was third nerd, you gotta be sweet, Pete You can't make money saying rhymes on the street So yo get back, Jack, a smack is what you might just get To the grill, Bill, so chill, or I might just swing, King Crown, you're down you're like a wingless plane, Wayne Cause you ain't fly, in fact you try and I'm a rain Right on your head so shed hats and coats The votes are in friend, I win hands down, clown You tried biting, but biting is a crime So maybe next time I like to cruise around the city, find me a witty Seditty, sexy young lady that is pretty (Meow meow meow) Says the kitty The hotel room I got's a buck fifty Booties in miniskirts, cuties and plenty Certs To make sure my breath is up to par and I introduce myself as the capital A the C the E And say Hello and Bonjour if foreign And if she's a little bit older I'll put her head on my shoulder And hold, cause nobody told her That the Master Ace, could move so many hips Just by the sounds from my lips Well um dinner was a winner, the movie was groovy The park was dark as we walked and talked Stayed and played, chased and raced Sat and chat, shared and stared, into each other's eyes and lies Spilled from your mouth right then Cause as we kissed you insisted, you had no boyfriend But I know you cousin and your cousin dropped dime Oh well, maybe next time MC's acting wild better get calm Or you'll get laughed at like like a sitcom I spell my name A with the C-E Not an LF folks, and I'm displaying Different Strokes Huh, I'm Head of the Class fast and furious Rhymes as you get M*A*S*H-ed as I have Good Times And Happy Days I'm slick like a hummer And smooth and kick my rhymes like a punter One Day at a Time is how I live life So no I'm not Married With Children and no I do not have a wife Instead I would prefer to have a girl and Experience Growing Pains cause it's a Different World and Rappers try to play me, just like a sport Try to bite my rhymes at Night but get Court Give Me A Break catch a Taxi and leave town You might be a Star but I'll Trek you down Rapping, it's a living and it's been one for years Jeffersons in my wallet, champagne in my glass, I say Cheers You wish you could be slick with the rhymes, don't you? But maybe next time

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