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The Master of the Situation he's impatient concentration disaster hesitation what's the answer I can't remember the answer will follow will last until tomorrow but I know my position so cancel my subscription the master of the situation is losing his patience he's losing his cool you say you're back in the saddle but you're coming unraveled you're out of control there are no stupid questions just stupid people disconnections and you're kind of sort of almost nearly on the border but I know what you're doing you'll run until you're ruined and I know your answer you'll say it doesn't matter you're going faster and faster it's total disaster you'll see what you find because you've got a good reason for feeling uneasy and shaking inside if I only had some time to think I could plot a course of action too late I can't concentrate today the master of the situation the whole operation blew up in your face and you need a vacation you're out of the race and you're taking up space.

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