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The monotony of a forgotten past The pleasure of not feeling in my dreams Pain is vanishing and love stays asleep The wisdom of another tragedy I have the ability of letting you martyrized With my new desire of suffering Your eyes can't tell me can't tell me anything Your soul cannot touch... Can't touch mine Can't touch mine Can't touch mine Can't touch mine I feel good loving I feel you this way I feel thy strength - Inside - Inside of me I feel the passion I feel the fever Now and forever in my pores Inside of me I will forever be I listen a new World screaming for me A new World suffering and following me Sometimes, when an entity was previously marked & restricted by the laws of injustice, stealth customs and other several punishments of a society, extremely dangerous & often cruel for their own kind fellow creatures, the same entity, renounces to follow the same codes and models settled by the entire segregating community in general versuri muzica straina mp3 descarca melodiei cantece Malevolence Martyrialized. Descarca cuvintele piesa versuri

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