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(Ian Hunter) No puppet, no liar, won't bend my lips to wire - No Don't pressurize me so Don't gamble, with my life, or you won't live to do it twice Oh take some good advice from me And let the wires rock All dressed in black so nobody sees you Smile in the wings, tell me I please you Call me a king and watch for the wordworm to choke me And you're like a giraffe, the performance is poor Watch the audience laugh as my head hits the floor When I'm broken in half you still reach for the floor STOP! I've had enough of this The pantomime's reversed I need -you feed I greed - you bleed Marionette - I ain't one yet Teacher's pet - Well you'd better forget it Marionette - I ain't one yet Teacher's pet - Go check your stocks and shares And when the coffin comes make sure there's room for two You lied - I led I died -You're dead Marionette - I ain't one yet Teacher's pet - You'd better forget it Marionette - I ain't one yet Teacher's pet - go check your product A traitor, deceiver, a groovy disbeliever I thought A puppet was a thing cheap-taught - No way Creator, conceiver, romantic love receiver - caught Who are you The nerve I wanna get out, I wanna get out, I wanna get out, I wanna get out, I wanna get out, AHHHHH! Oh he wanna play chords to the chick on the street He wanna play words to a world that don't speak He wanna play people who play hide 'n' seek when they don't talk He wanna play a riff to the man with the wires He wanna play lead but his hand's getting tired He just wanna play but don't know how to say - STOP OK, the show's been fun But my wood's begun to warp They won -I'm done New one - begun Marionette - I did my best Teacher's pet - It just couldn't last Marionette - Get me out of this mess Teacher's little pet - It happened so fast Marionette - Now I need a rest Teacher's pet - Where's my sanity gone - Mother? Marionette - I did my best Teacher's little pet - I'm just like all the others They gambled, with my life and now I've lost my will to fight Oh God these wires are so tight.... I'm just a marionette.

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