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What makes u judge quick and talk shit when I havenテ「冲 even spit and u already on my dick what makes u prejudice and chase us like predators convincing the medias and population to get rid of us what makes u playa-hate and pack hate just cause I got my name writing on the plates of my Benz what makes u flip over my sisters scarf and generalize when the fact is u hide your true colors behind your disguise What makes u analyze every move I make step in the ring of debate and discover whoテ「冱 fake what makes u think u better than me when we got the same college degrees and I got all the right keys Chorus: Mano a mano He who laugh last laugh longest See action speaks louder than words No mercy Mano a mano He who laugh last laugh longest See action speaks louder than words No mercy Pass that bucket water like one of those joints thirsty for life u ride テ「 dirty dessert テ「 to the point get the path right thinking that I might follow your steps right thinking u got flow stealing a dead mans show by getting the role right what a low life didnテつエt your mamma tell u not to fuck with the dead right digging their graves up fucking their gimmicks and spread lies - like a bitch right making a mill on selling your soul to the shaitan with the American dream cream a la theme scheme fool!!! But no not mine Not how Bachiri succeed in making the money they earned right Bottom up - thatテつエs right By never forgetting the roots of mine Give it up yテ「兮ll!!! Donテ「冲 really gotta chance with a moro right Throw it up yテ「兮ll!!! or I minimize everything in your life Chorus... Mano a mano Tres hermanos Protagonista sin igual Disparando a todo mal Mano a mano Nos llevamos Proclamamos en papel Aprendiendo del ayer (Translated) Mano a Mano Three brothers Protagonist without equal Sniping all the illness Mano a Mano We conduct us Proclaiming us in paper Always learning from the past Hardcore circumstances We quit we damage and dances going under like Atlantis and burn u logo to ashes while I flash this mic in they asses like Onassis making sure u canテ「冲 harass this lunatic lyricist emerge from the abyss never seen this pissed by now Iテ「况e topped u hit list The 4 elements with my middle finga equals my fist an intellectual fuck u u simply canテ「冲 resist itテ「冱 ridiculous how we spit u canテ「冲 predict our future watch your mouth or Iテ「冦a shot ya cause we got tongues spitting bullets like guns with appetite like dons our name shines like them far away suns Majid: A Metaphysist Donテつエt neglect my intellect The magnificent Has come to represent With rap lyrics so potent If they were stolen and spit out by others For sure theyテつエll be choking Doing them off the dome Or with the paper and a pen so sick That u will think Iテつエm half-human half jinn Toxicating the air more dangerous then plutonium Getting high of my shit thinking that itテつエs opium Doping テつエem while I sparkle in the darkness All u think about is trying being the largest While I stand heartless Thinking about being the hardest In this art kid that New York started I get elevated, while u getting departed On the spot Like acupuncture medicine Got lawyers practicing my words saying that they are relevant Ya heard me I said they are relevant

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