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[aaliyah and missy: bridge] say what you look good (say it two times) you look good good (say it three times) you look good good good (say it four times) oh oh oh oh good [verse 1] i,i, like the way, way you get down, down (thats the way i like it) you're the kinda guy that makes my feel proud don't have to show you're the boy ,oh i, i, like you the way that you are [chorus] i like my man undercover smooth dark brotha fly to the bone you don't need no fly jeep to come and scoop me you can drive what you own (thats the way i like it) a man undercover smooth black brotha fly to the bone don't need no Gucci sweater to make you look better you can wear what you own i, i, love, love the way that you smile, smile you, you the type of guy that got his own style all i want to do is be with you you, you got me feelin the way that i do chorus bridge [timbaland] we be freakin up in my jeep (my jeep) listenin to this phat L P (L B) lets cruise around the town (the town) i'm diggin you are you diggin me Let's hop on my Harley Dave (Harley Dave) it cost about 20K (20K) what it takes me to persuade (persuade) turn ten night in to day (to day) i never seen a girl (a girl) who hypnotize like you (like you) who walk just like you (like you) who talk just like you (like you) i wanna be your lover (your lover) that ill type brotha (brotha) baby girl baby girl (baby girl) we can keep it undercover chorus 1.5x

Ultima melodie muzica straina cuvinte Timbaland melodiei versurile ultima melodie piesa versurile. Versuri Hip-hop versurile album album ultima melodie versuri descarca asculta Man Undercover.

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