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Versuri Make me pure

So I sing a song To reel`em in It`s a song I`ve sung before and a song I`m going to sing again I mean every world and I don`t mean a single one of them Oh Lord make me pure but not yet Tell a joke Tell it twice If no one else is laughing then why am I? I split my sides both times and laugh until I cry Oh Lord please make me pure but not yet I don`t have to try I just dial it in I`ve never found a job that for me was worht bothering I`ve got a ton of selfish genes and lazy bones beneath this skin Oh Lord make me pure but not yet Smoking kills Sex sells I`ve got one hand in my pochet but the other one looks cool as hell I know I`m going to die so my revenge is living well Oh Lord make me pure bt not yet I stopped praying so I hope this song will do I wrote it all for you I`m not perfect,but you don`t mind that, do you? I know you`re there to pull me through Aren`t you? So I looks for love I like the search And I`ve been standing for election all across the known universe Every President gets the country she deserves Oh Lord make me pure but not yet I`ve been seeing Somebody`s wife She said she`d leave him for me and I said that wasn`t wise You can`t lie to a liar,because of all the lies Oh Lord make me pure but not yet.

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