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Versuri Make It Reign

Verse 1: Peter Gunz It took a long time sittin in your one and only niggas said they comin in a month or so but they run though, how they really want it, want all the rain and thunder shit niggaz talkin this hocus pocus, focus on the lyrical, lyrical content from the Bronx to Compton, say enormous hit the CD stay sober, listen tell we smoke a blunt listen get sound, give it to you, give it to you dont be alarmed, sound affects normal and I'm a MD not a MC, step a head said of that shit in your walk in you singin I give you somethin to bounce to and think about that the same crew, with the same lou on the same rhyme, step on education at the same time play mine, it'll bite you like a K-9, obey mine like Sprite nigga, get it right nigga, with the right nigga tight for the calm shit, it be bomb shit, every day, all day, his way, ya'll way see you in the hallway, the floor way, 4-4 way did you call before me, now give me verse 2: Lord Tariq Yo L-o-r-d you gunz done block scared me you all be smokin Bob Marley soft nigga Harvey, stress me wanna step in me test me strap you best a be cuz I'm a blessy under estimate he, who take the cake and weed lord & gunz, see the 44 then run cuz there more to come, blastin all you niggaz, quick fast, I'm harassin laught at you nigga, bust a cap in all you fake rap actor wanna be, thug bus wanna see, slug nigga what I'm from Soundview I'll pound you down to the ground to the earth shake earth quake and the best is the first to make platinum whats happenin, soft he or nothin sweet here, no slappin the name is ever lastin, I'm romindom fastin with the passion I'm askin give me mine, I get the 9. see me on the streets got beef, wanna get me fined REIGN fades out

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