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You drive too fast can you please shut up I'll call the police if you don't stop. You're just trying to scare me you want me to know that you're not this precious little thing you hold. You're afraid you say (and you're never sure) of the coming day (if what you've seen before) and I'm not that handsome (is what you'll see again) anyway (In remembering) But I'm feeling good and if you don't exist you're still one illusion that I can't resist Now you're holding back and I'm holding on Heaven knows what you want. 'Cause kicks like these they're coming fast but watching how long they last. It's a funny time to fall in love feels like something pulled me up to see me fall right off. You drive too fast but I don't care wherever's fine just take me there. Now I'm holding back and you're moving on Heaven knows what I want 'Cause on a day like this I'd believe anything I don't know where to begin. One for your coming two for your shoes Your buccaneer loving and suicide moods I wanna move don't figure out much into the new out of the blue, out of the darkness into the new, out of the blackness...

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