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Versuri Love Story

I don't need your worn out love anymore Tug my heartstrings one more time, oh no Remember when you snuck in through his bedroom window or socks I found beside the bed that weren't mine or yours? It's been too long since you've been honest with me baby. I'll help you down off that high-horse you're on and if you don't care I'm out of here by dawn It doesn't matter, I don't love you anyway, but this whole thing would make a heck of a story Just suppose I told it right here right now. . . You were waiting for me after school we weren't worried about what to do we walked to the coffee shop to talk the hours passed by like minutes in New York. We were in love once as we both well know, but you have stayed and I have grown Treat me like I have a clue in my head 'cause all along I knew you was playin' on someone else.

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