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Versuri Love Me Over Again

Likely as not, thereââ¬â¢s been better weather I feel real sure thereââ¬â¢s been better times Right here tonight with you all around me Iââ¬â¢m so glad, right now is mine CHORUS: So honey tonight, make it alright Turn on your smile, for me for awhile Take me away, from where I have been I know you love me but, love me over again You have the way, to feel my emotions ââ¬ËTil thereââ¬â¢s not a word, left in my mind Timeââ¬â¢s get so hard, so confusing You make now a so much better time

Ultima melodie asculta cantece Don Williams descarca album melodiei versuri piesa. Muzica Love Me Over Again muzica straina versuri melodia cantece versurile

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