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Versuri Louise

She gotta silicone cock sticking in her ass and one in her cunt A butterfly vibrator straped tight to her clit But who's got the remote control That would belong to louise She's got a new pet a real vaginal tease You know that mommy's little is not gonna do As she please If she don't want to get a spankin She like to sing like a six year old brat Mommy discipline me cause you know i've been bad Start with cat then she'll move to a crop Neither one is willing to stop She knows that girls just wanna have fun With four piercing on each side of her libia A little luggage lock connecting each one Prevents her girl from going astray Slut you think you've seen your master mean You better lick my puss and asshole clean Treat my clit like bubllegum Bitch make me come It's time for bed she'll secure her head Between her thighs for a thorogh night suck Along whiththis she'll be driking her piss So louise don't have to get up Two goodnesses in love One resides below one reigns from above One adorns cuffs while one covets keys The purgatorial touch of louise

Cuvintele album asculta versuri melodia melodia mp3. Ultima melodie NOFX versurile Louise piesa versuri muzica straina mp3.

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