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[Many years after the overthrow of Wilson, a rebel soldier crouching high on a hilltop above the war torn forests of Gamehendge spots a group of loyalists approaching from their lakeside encampment below. His trusty llama stands beside him, loaded down with a canvas pack that holds two large bazooka type guns to the animal's sides. Near the man sits a cache of blastoplast, each capable of destroying the entire hillside in an instant...] Sunrise over the turquoise mountains Messenger birds in sight They came up through the valley Both sides at a time Through the cold steady rain Raid! I bend down Poke a double decker on a llama Taboot Llama, Taboot Taboot Trigger a blastoplast, ramshackle laker recedes I start to run It was the loudest thing I'd ever heard And I knew my time had come To enter the delta Leave it on press [2x] Depress, Depress Llama, Taboot Taboot Leave it on press Depress, Depress Llama, Taboot Taboot Llama, Taboot Taboot Llama, Taboot Taboot Taboot Taboot Taboot Taboot Taboot

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