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She's been around a couple years tasted 31 flavors there's only one she really hates that would be you vanilla bean the blandest one don't make her scream and that's what she likes to hear the most lizas been around the block she's currently a femme bitch top a giant step from old louise now who's the one who's on the prey She used to wear her hair short long determine her preference she didn't like that dynamic trading in her flannel shirts for six inch heals, latex skirts she even bought herself some brass Miss terrence sellers akin she's got more power feminine she knows the power incites fear and its that fear which makes her wet she's goin to the tribe 8 show plenty of boychicks to choose from its at the Calyx of Isis she'll find a bottom young & butch she'll tell her I won't hurt you much unless of course you want me to ...

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