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Lead Vocal: Graham Dye Little Hans, little Hans, what do you see? The worlds is full of big surprises Little Hans, little Hans, what can they be? They come in many shapes and sizes Little boys always love to play But something is not quite right Little Hans won't come out today He's scared of a horse that might bite Little Hans, little Hans, what can it be? Your thoughts are filled with such confusion Little Hans, little Hans when will you see? You're barking up the wrong conclusion Professor man asks him oh so nicely Why will you not come out? Little Hans tells him most politely What he is thinking about A ride in a tram, a lily white lamb, raspberry jam Little Hans, little Hans, where will you go? The world is full of compromises Little Hans, little Hans, how will you know? The come in many strange disguises Professor man shakes his head and wonders How will he work it out? Little Hans tells him quite precisely What he's been dreaming about I jump in the bath, I make myself laugh, I ride a giraffe Little Hans, little Hans, I found a clue I think I've made the right connection Little Hans, little Hans, all I can do Is give a common sense injection Little boys grow up just like daddy Professor man has no doubt Little Hans goes to sleep and wonders What he was talking about

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