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Versuri Listen to the rain

(Rain) Listen listen Listen listen Listen listen Listen listen Listen (listen) listen (listen) Listen (listen) listen (listen) Listen (listen) listen (listen) Listen listen Listen to each drop of rain (listen listen) Aaah Whispering secrets in rain (listen listen) Aaah Magically searching for someone to hear That story be more than it hides Each droplet long gone? Can't we stay for a while? It's just to hard to say goodbye Listen to the rain Aa...ah Listen listen listen listen listen listen to the rain Weeping Oo...ooh oooh ooh oo...ooh Oo...ooh oooh oh oh Listen (listen) listen (listen) Listen (listen) listen I stand alone in the storm (listen listen) Suddenly sweet I say no (Listen listen) Couldn't they stay for you haven't much time Open your eyes to the love around you You can feel youre alone But I'm here still with you You can do what you dream Just remember to listen to the rain oo...ooh oh oh oh oh ooh ooh oh oh oooh Listen

Piesa descarca muzica muzica straina. Rock versurile versuri mp3 versuri Listen to the rain asculta Evanescence ultima melodie album.

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