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I'm a lexicon devil with a battered brain And I'm lookin' for a future- the world's my aim So gimme gimme your hands- gimme gimme your minds Gimme gimme this-gimme gimme tha-yea-yea-t... I want toy tin soldiers that can push and shove I want gunboy rovers that'll wreck this club I'll build you up and level your heads We'll run it my way cold men and politics dead... [Chorus] I'll get silver guns to drip old blood Let's give this established joke a shove We're gonna wreak havoc on the rancid mill I'm serachin' for something even if I'm killed... [Chorus] Empty out your pockets-you don't need their change I'm giving you the power to rearrange Together we'll run to the highest prop Tear it down and let it drop...away... [Chorus]

Cuvintele Germs muzica album muzica straina mp3. Melodia cuvinte muzica piesa Lexicon Devil asculta melodiei versuri versuri.

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