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Chorus You and me should just let this go We never did take the time to try to hold on 2x Yeah it was hard. Breaking up aint never easy believe me But f*** that. I wasnt gettin' treated like I needs be But trust. I was controllin' all the things around me Cause s*** I always been this chick every since you found me I tried and I try. Cried and I cry. Down for you nigga wit lie after lie after lie Got sick of trading games wit dude. Started being jealous of me like dames would do I'm like dog, check ya balls MAd cause I receive applause? Livin my life was against the law Startin fights in public just so you could piss me off I swear, if I was dude it be fist to jaw Always mad at my mouth cause I cursed you out Listen hard. Know you feelin what these verses bout Doin dumb s***. Breakin things hidin my phone I'm outta this here pimp just leave me alone Chorus 2x You love girls, girls, yeah well you lost the best I had to get away I'm past the stress Mama told me 'baby girl never settle for less' Learned the hard way. Hard days. I'm ready for next A bunch of leaving I don't need E s*** I'm doin me Soon as I pack you sickening wit the boo it's you and me Reminiscing bout the way you was pursuing me Actin like ya period on screamin u thru wit me Well bye dog. Have a nice life. I'm fine dog Dont try to track me down or call cause that line off Hope u feel it bad witout me See if you can laugh witout me Cry what tears? I'm happy I'm free Still ridin pass the spots that u know I go Procrastinating wit ya niggaz hopin that I show Never know whatcha have 'til its gone, huh Wondr what she doin' best believe she doin' her come on Chorus 2x Bridge Funny how it happens when you fall in love When you find out that the one you with aint who you want Then you move out 'til you find yourself another love But your ex gon always hate cause he cant hit you off You dont here me though Claim you wanna please me, yet you vexed me Cant front be thinkin' bout the way u used to sex me (God damn)Days short. Nights was long. And I was mad when I started spending nights alone But I'm better off by myself. Lookin for somthin else Sendin me s*** you cant pronounce I dont want nothing else Wanted to love u 'til the end of my time But f*** it I'm done wit u at the end of this line huh Chorus

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